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*NB Under current Spanish Security laws  ALL Visitors over 16, who visit Spain must be registered with the Authorities, the National Police or Guardia Civil depending on the property location.

  1. The operator of the service is obliged to keep a guest register book and to forward a copy of the guest registration forms to the Police.
  2. The guest registration forms must be filled in and signed by all guests over the age of 16 and should include at least: number, date of issue and type of identification document, full name, sex, date of birth and country of nationality of the customer, arrival date and registration code of the holiday property in the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia (or name of the person or company that operates the activity).
  3. The guest registration forms must be incorporated to a guest register book that shall be kept within 3 years after their arrival.
  4. The information contained in the guest registration forms must be forwarded to the PoliceAuthorities within 24 hours following the guest arrival date by delivering in person at the Police Station or, failing this, at the Civil Guard office, copies of the guest registration forms. You can also send them by Fax.

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